2024 5th International Conference on Energy Power and Automation Engineering (ICEPAE 2024)

2024 5th International Conference on Energy Power and Automation Engineering (ICEPAE 2024) 

was successfully concluded!

第五届能源电力与自动化工程国际学术会议(ICEPAE 2024)圆满落幕!

The 5th International Conference on Energy Power and Automation Engineering (ICEPAE 2024) convened successfully online on May 25, 2024. Jointly hosted by Henan University of Technology and Zhengzhou University, the event was co-organized by the College of Information Science and Engineering at Henan University of Technology, the College of Electrical and Information Engineering at Zhengzhou University, and the Academic Exchange Information Center (AEIC). The conference pooled over 150 experts and scholars from prestigious domestic and international universities and research institutions, all participating virtually. Additionally, the event garnered attention from a broad range of researchers within the domains of energy power and automation engineering, with more than 1000 participants tuning in through the AiScholar platform’s live broadcast. 

5月25日,第五届能源电力与自动化工程国际学术会议(ICEPAE 2024)在线上圆满召开。此次会议由河南工业大学、郑州大学联合主办,河南工业大学信息科学与工程学院、郑州大学电气与信息工程学院、AEIC学术交流中心联合承办。150多位来自国内外知名高校、科研机构的专家学者连线出席大会,超过1000人次通过艾思科蓝平台直播“云参会”。大会受到了能源电力与自动化工程领域研究者们的高度关注。


ICEPAE 2024 Photos

The morning session commenced with a warm introduction by Vice Dean Yao Qin from the College of Information Science and Engineering at Henan University of Technology, setting the stage for the proceedings. Professor Qinghui Zhang, Dean of the College of Information Science and Engineering, delivered the welcome speech, expressing sincere gratitude and extending a warm welcome to the attending experts, scholars, and students. Despite the inability to engage in face-to-face interactions, Professor Zhang highlighted the power of modern technology in fostering close connections through online platforms, enabling collaborative exploration of cutting-edge topics and the latest research findings. He expressed hope that this high-level online platform would facilitate in-depth academic exchanges, inspire new ideas, and contribute wisdom and solutions to the sustainable development of energy power and automation engineering.



Conference Introduction by Vice Dean Yao Qin



Welcome Speech by Dean Qinhui Zhang


The keynote speech sessions featured a diverse array of topics and perspectives, with five distinguished speakers sharing their latest research findings and cutting-edge viewpoints in their respective fields. These speeches attracted widespread attention and sparked engaging discussions among participants.



Assoc. Prof. Jing Xu, Tsinghua University, China

Speech Title:  Intelligent Perception and Control of Industrial Robots





Prof. Zhen Zhang, Zhengzhou University, China

Speech Title:  Multiple adaptive over-sampling for imbalanced data evidential classification





Prof. Jianmin Zhang, Hangzhou Dianzi University, China

Speech Title:  PV panel fault diagnosis based on multi-neural networks





Prof. Yiming Zhang, Fuzhou University, China

Speech Title:  Wireless Power Transfer and its Application on Electric Vehicle Wireless Charging





Assoc. Prof. Azmah Hanim Mohamed Ariff

University Putra Malaysia, Malaysia

Speech Title: Eco-Friendly Solutions: Lead-Free Solder in Electronic Manufacturing

Following the conclusion of the keynote presentations by experts, seven scholars delivered oral presentations during the conference, delving into various research directions pertaining to the conference theme.


Oral & Poster Presentation  口头报告&海报展示环节



The successful organization of this conference has provided a valuable platform for scholars in the field of energy power and automation engineering, both domestically and internationally. Researchers from different institutions, through online interactions, showcased their research achievements and ushered in new possibilities for academic collaboration. The conference organizing committee expressed its commitment to continuing to host high-level academic conferences, promoting academic exchanges and cooperation, and contributing to the sustainable development of energy, power, and automation engineering globally. Once again, sincere thanks are extended to all attending guests and colleagues for their active participation and support, and anticipation is expressed for future reunions at the next ICEPAE!